5 Features that Make Purple Pet the King of Litter Scoops

Cats are usually hygienic creatures and they take the charge to clean themselves and like to live in places that are clean and don’t smell bad. They hate dirty litter boxes and that is why they bury the feces and dirt in obvious places. If you’re a cat parent you should be having all the tools related to the litter box so that the hygiene gets maintained and your cat leads a healthy life. All litter boxes need regular scooping to remove the cat feces and dirt and investing in a good litter scoop makes your job easier and that way you don’t need to deal with the unnecessary mess. But usually finding the ideal litter scoop for your litter box can be a little tricky and it surely requires some research. While a lot of brands claim to have all the important features included, here we are suggesting you go for Litter Scoops by Purple Pet iPrimio. They offer just the right kind of specifications that are required to keep your house clean and help you to get your job done in the most convenient way and make them the king of litter scoops. 

Top features you will find in Litter Scoops by Purple Pet iPrimio:

  1. The shape and size of cat litter scoop matter the most, as the cleaning part becomes easier when the shape and size are perfect. The litter scoops come with an ergonomic grip handle and a wider front edge that help to clean the corners of the litter boxes and clean the dirt properly. 
  1. Most of their litter scoops are made of metals in order to maintain hygiene as plastic litter scoops spread bacteria. The manufacturing part ensures that you are safe from health issues while using these tools.
  1. The price is so reasonable while offering the best features that it should be there in your priority list whenever you plan to buy litter scoops for your kitten. 
  1. The designs are made in a way so that you can get the grip and even bend the litter scoops to remove the feces and urine clumps and that leads to fast cleaning. 
  1. The durability is the best feature among all, as you don’t want to spend money on these every 30 days. The quality of Purple Pet’s products is the reason why you can rely on them. 

Moreover, the comfort and convenience should be kept in mind while manufacturing a product. And Purple Pet Iprimio products make sure that you get all of that, by providing minimalistic design and comfort at the same time. In addition to this, they also provide a plastic hanger with these products so that you can easily hang on the wall or on the side of the box. So next time while looking for litter scoops for your little one, give the iPrimio Sifter with Non-Stick Litter Scooper a shot. 

  • Jul 01, 2020
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