Where there is a will, there is a way. But, where there is a cat, there has to be a litter box.

Cats are cute, cuddly, tiny, furry creatures that any animal or pet lover would love to have as a part of their family. But, when it comes to maintenance, cats can very much be compared to little babies who need a lot of love, care, and attention in the starting months of their life.

Unlike other pet animals, cats have an entirely different toilet routine. While other animals have a habit of venturing out in the grass and relieving themselves, cats love to do the same within the spaces of their homes.

Keeping the same phenomenon in mind, a cat litter box is an enclosed little box that is filled with cat litter. This little box is the proper defecation ground for your cat. Whenever a cat feels like relieving herself, she simply chooses to step inside the litter box, do her business and return back.

A litter box is not hefty. It is very similar to any industrial grade tray. Litter boxes come in the two most finishes: Plastic and Metal.

litter box

While plastic cat litter boxes are easier on the pocket and do not cost a fortune, metallic litter boxes are considered to be more premium and hence they are a bit more in cost as compared to the plastic litter box.

While plastic litter boxes are not sturdy and might not last for too long, metallic litter boxes are easy to clean, sturdy and do not need to be replaced more often. Regardless of the material that your cat’s litter box is composed of, it is important to understand the proper placement of your cat’s litter box and how clean it has to be maintained.

Cats are susceptible to infections hence it is vital to clean your cat’s litter box once every day and replace the entire cat litter once every fortnight. More so, having one litter box for one cat is not considered to be enough. Most vets from around the world suggest placing two cat litter boxes at different locations of the home for one single cat.

Just like humans don’t have only one single washroom in their home, cats too appreciate the presence of two litter boxes so that they don’t have to walk around much just to relieve themselves.

If you notice that your cat is leaving a lot of mess behind when she uses the litter box, you can also choose to take the help of a cat litter trapper mat which can absorb all the mess once it is placed beneath the litter trapper mat.

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  • Jan 03, 2020
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