Are Scratching Posts Good for Cats?
Cats have a natural tendency to scratch things, and it’s better to give them a proper post to fulfil their urge of scratching. A proper scratching post keeps your cat away from inappropriate scratching. By providing them with a scratching post, you can actually prevent your furniture and important things from getting destroyed.

Factors related to the scratching posts:

1. Height: Cats usually try to climb up with the help of their scratching posts which also helps them to finish their stretching. The height, stability and sturdiness enable them to choose the post over a couch or chair.

2. It has been noticed that a rope scratching post is a cat’s favourite as that helps them to sharpen their claws by scratching it.

3. Age: Cat’s age is an important factor to keep in consideration while choosing scratching posts for them. For the young ones, it’s better to give them scratching posts with a strong grip and proper padding, as they tend to use their claws to mark their territory leaving a visible mark to the post. And on the other hand, the senior kitties use the scratching post to stretch and keep their claws sharp and healthy.

4. Nature: The nature of your cat also plays a vital role while choosing a scratching post, if your cat likes the softwood, then it’s better to provide a post made of soft cardboard or scrap wood.

5. Shape and size: As the cats are different in sizes, their best scratching posts should also be in different sizes and shapes. For a small kitty, a bigger post can be uncomfortable, and if it’s too small, they won’t be able to do their exercise by using it. Try to pay attention to your cat’s movement and look for a convenient post for them.

6. Look for extra features: Some cats love to play with their scratching posts, so if the post has multiple features, it is easier for them to play with it instead of the important accessories of your house.

Scratching is a natural behaviour for all cats and one should not stop them doing it as it can create unnecessary health problems for them. It is their natural urge in order to stretch and relax while sharpening their claws at the same time. There is no way to stop them, so if your cat does not get a scratching post, it may end up destroying all of your furniture and carpets. Choosing the right kind of scratching post can be a huge task as different cats have their own sets of requirements! All this information should be helpful for you next time you buy a scratching post for your kitty. For more details log on to Purple Pet Iprimio official website.
  • Jun 16, 2020
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