Cats are intriguing creatures that have a specified set of characteristics that make them the most sought after animals to have as pets. No matter which animal you choose to keep as a pet, you must only opt to raise them if you can promise the availability of best cat accessories for them. Every pet is different but needs the same amount of love and care from its owner to live its life well and good.

Cats belong to the feline species of animals. These are the same species that include animals like tigers and leopards. Every feline has an innate instinct to scratch and mark their territory using their paws.

Cats are no different.

 If you have been familiar with the behavior of cats, we are sure that you might have noticed how choose to cat scratching post any piece of furniture or upholstered sitting space including couches and beds. There are a variety of different reasons why cats choose to do this.

Scratching Posts

According to our research, these are the three reasons why cats scratch:

#1  To shed off skin

The first reason behind every cat scratching behavior is their constant need to shed off dead skin off their paws. Cats feel the need to scratch to shed off and remove the outer epidermal layer of dead skin that gets accumulated on the surface of their paws.

#2 To mark their territory

Cats are animals that are dominant in nature. Every animal has a habit of marking their territory in different ways. While dogs resort to peeing, cats choose to do this by scratching the area they wish to transform into their territory.

#3 To relieve anxiety

Since cats are homebound creatures who often have a lot of anxiety issues, cats often end up scratching to make themselves feel better.

After all that you have read, the simple question that remains is:

“Are scratching posts useful for my cat?”

The answer to this question is: Yes.

If you really want to keep your cats in good health and protect your expensive furniture from the wrath of cats, you should really invest in a cat scratching post for your cat.

A cat scratching post is generally curated with a layer of felt, wool or even jute on top. The fuzzy layer of fabric keeps the cat engaged while playing and they love to scratch on it for long hours.

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