Are you someone who is absolutely fond of cats? Or, are you someone who is planning to bring a pet cat at home? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, then this article can end up being really useful for you.

Cats are known to be one of the most adorable animals that qualify to be perfect pets that every pet owner usually loves to have. Cats are silent creatures who are homely and love to stay indoors. Like any other pet animal, cats too have a fair share of aspects that need to be taken care of.

To ensure the well-being and longevity of your cat’s health, it is highly important that you invest in the right cat products and accessories that can be of great benefit to your cat and add convenience in your life, as a cat owner. After all, wouldn’t it be annoying if you have to spend all your time cleaning up your cat’s mess?

Setting up your cat’s litter box is the first thing to do the moment you bring a cat home. If this is your first time with a cat, let us tell you what a cat litter box and a cat litter mat is.

A cat’s litter box is an open defecation box for a cat where they choose to relieve themselves. The litter box is composed of PVC Plastic and it is rectangular or square in size. The litter box is placed at one or two designated corners inside the home where the cat pees.

cat litter mat

A best cat litter mat is a mat that is placed beneath the cat litter box. When cats step inside the litter box to poop, they usually end up making a little mess just outside the box. It usually becomes difficult for any cat owner to clean up this mess multiple times a day. A cat litter trapper mat traps all the pieces of dirt or wastes that fall outside the box thereby not letting the mess fall onto the floor. 

A cat litter trapper mat is an absolute piece of investment if you are a clean freak and love to keep your home tidy at all times of the day. If you are thinking of the right place to purchase a litter trapper mat for your cat, the only pet label that we can vouch for is Purple Pet Iprimio.

The Iprimio cat litter trapper mats available at Purple Pet are highly durable and built perfectly according to every cat’s habits. They are easy to clean, maintain and do not burn a hole in the pocket.

What else do we need?

To select the perfect cat litter trapper for your cat, simply log on to and you will definitely be amazed by their vast selection of cat accessories that make every cat owner’s life easy and fun!

Meow your way to the best cat accessories with Purple Pet Iprimio!

  • Dec 20, 2019
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