Cat Caves: Why You Must Buy One?

Isn’t it the cutest to see your cat sleep? Well, it would be much more delightful to see your cat sleep comfortably in its own bed! Cat caves provide that comfort. On average cats sleep for more than 20 hours. Shouldn’t sleeping be comfortable for your pet cat too? Well if you believe your pet cat deserves it's own bed and comfort zone too, Cat caves from our store are the answer! 

Made from 100% premium all-natural wool from New Zealand, these cat caves are unique. They not only provide enough space for your cat to comfortably sleep in but also have plenty of space to jump around it. The best Cat Cave is 20 inches wide outside and 9 inches high inside has wide enough space for your cat to fit into and sleep in. Cats always and always like privacy don’t they? 

Cats are known to hide into secure and private spaces as they feel much safer. Seeing those cute cat videos get into small boxes or a jar well it looks cute but why not give your cat actually comfortable curling up spot. Large cat caves are the best hideaway for your cat as they can easily curl up and fit into them. Cats also demand a lot of comforts and do not sleep peacefully without comfort.

Cat caves made of wool are the best absorbent for any pet cat as it dries up quickly and allows a long period of resting time to your pet. The wool itself is super soft and will make your cat super comfortable. The cat cave is super flexible and moldable. It is collapsible and can be also used to sleep by the cat to cozy and curl up above it. 

The cave will regain its shape once your pet cat is no longer on it.  Isn’t it very frequent that you’ve walked into your home tired, wishing to drop into your clean linen bed but you have the fur of your pet cat all over? Cat caves relieve you of this stress as the cat is much more comfortable in the cat cave. Cat caves made of wool create warmth in cold weather and coolness in the heat so rest assured your cat would be extremely comfortable in the temperature of the wool cat cave

A worrisome and tiresome job is cleaning of any bed or lying space occupied by your pet cave. A simple answer to that goes buy a cat cave as soon as possible! That’s because a cat cave made of wool doesn’t entrap a lot of cat fur and sticks only to the exterior of the material. The cave can be easily dusted with a cloth or plainly vacuumed.  

A very surprising fact about cats is that they are mysteriously attracted to wool! They love cozying up to it! Wool contains lanolin which is a natural oil, the smell of which attracts cats to be comfortable. An added advantage of lanolin is that it fights bacteria and fungus and will always protect your cat from bacteria and fungi. Visit Purple Pet Iprimio website for more details.

  • Apr 16, 2020
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