Cat Scratching Post - The Ultimate Stressbuster for Cats

If you have ever been a pet parent, then we are sure that you might understand the importance that physical activity holds in your pet’s life. Every pet no matter how old or young they are, needs a good session of playtime every single day to keep themselves healthy and happy to the core. If you are cat parent or if you are planning to become a cat parent in the future by purchasing or more so, adopting a cat that you will call your own, then it is indeed necessary for you to understand that playtime for your cat will be a much-needed activity for their long life. A cat scratching post is the one and the only playtime buddy that your cat will ever need, so make sure you invest in a good one!

Cats are sensitive creatures who love to assert their dominance on things that they love. While dogs assert their dominance by peeing in the area that they consider their own, cats assert their dominance by scratching in the area that they consider to be their own. If you have often seen your cat scratch the foot of your bed or a particular spot on the couch where you usually happen to sit, then you will definitely understand why your cats do it. 

Since cats belong to the feline species of animals, they have specific pheromones and instincts that they need to take care of. One such instinctive habit that they have is scratching. When a cat scratches, it is not indicative of anger, but it is a normal activity that all cats love to do. Often they love to scratch to keep themselves clean or to get rid of the outer layer of dead skin from their paws or they end up doing it whenever they feel a bit stressed or anxious. Whatever the reason might be, one thing’s sure: Your cat needs a cat scratching ramp for herself!

The best cat scratching ramp is a playing toy cum learning tool for your cats. A cat scratching ramp is often composed of a fuzzy material preferably jute with some of the other interactive accessories attached to it. It can be a difficult task to keep a cat busy and occupied for hours, but a cat scratching ramp does the job fairly easy. When you bring home a cheap cat scratching post for your cat, you will not need to think of ways to keep your cat busy, just place their scratching ramp around them and you will be amazed by how much they enjoy playing on the same.

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  • Apr 18, 2020
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