Cat Scratching Posts: What, Why, and Where?

How many times have you experienced a hard time from your beloved cats due to their midnight antics? You know, the usual rumbling of utensils in the middle of the night for no reason, the usual scratching sounds that you end up hearing from your living room every time you are trying to fall asleep and of course, the constant tantrums that your cat shows up the next morning. Let’s face it, you are not alone. Every cat owner, at some of the other points in their life, has experienced this kind of problem. The best cat scratching post can help you in finding a permanent solution to this problem.

Do you know the reason behind this weird behavioral pattern that your cat shows up time and again? 

The reason for this behavior is nothing but Boredom. To put it simply, Boredom is your cat’s biggest enemy and as a responsible cat owner, it is your duty and responsibility to make sure that your cat has plenty of toys and tools around her to keep her from getting bored. One such tool that is built especially to keep cats engaged is a cat scratching post, also known as a cat scratching ramp. 

A cat scratching post or a cat scratching ramp is an essential cat accessory that is curated according to the likes, dislikes, and usual behavioral patterns of your cat. This accessory helps to keep your cat happily occupied by offering them a perfect activity that they usually love to engage in. Cats belong to the feline species of animals. This is the same species that involves animals such as tigers, lions, leopards, and other ferocious cats.

Felines have a common habit of scratching their paws at regular intervals. Why do they do this, one might wonder. The primary reason behind why they do this is for the removal of the outer layer of dead skin that they wish to get rid of every now and then. 

Cats look for slightly rugged surfaces such as jute, wool, or the cushioned parts of your furniture so that they can rub their paws on it and get rid of their extra dead skin. While this is one of the primary reasons, another reason why cats scratch is to just let out stress or out of plain boredom. 

Just like children get bored in the absence of toys or playful objects, cats too often end up getting bored or stressed out in the absence of a toy. A cat scratching ramp or a cat scratching post is a perfect play toy for cats which is built especially so that they can scratch, they can play and they can pass their time around without any disturbances. If you really want to protect your furniture and your upholstery from the wrath of your curious cat, buy a cat scratching post and let your cat have a good time. Log on to to purchase the best cat scratching post to keep your cat happy.

  • May 09, 2020
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