Every pet owner faces some problems with their pets, but the problem of cat scratches is the most common among all. As the number of complaints regarding the furniture being scratched and clawed by the cats is increasing, cat scratching post has become a popular option to solve the problem. This will not only help you save money for buying expensive furniture and fixtures but will also satisfy their urge of felines to scratch. 

Cats use their claws to scratch to mark their territory, making them stronger and some time to relax. For this, you need to buy a scratching post that will help prevent your furniture from becoming the victim to their claws. Buying a cat scratching post is not enough unless you place it on the right spot so that it’s easily accessible to them. 

Now the question arises which is the right place to put the cat scratching post in your home?

The first thing you need to find out the spot where you see your cat scratching. Place the scratching post on the area where you find your cat or somewhere near them. This will provide them with an appropriate scratching surface. If you notice a specific area where you find your companion spending most of their time, then you have found the best place to put the cat scratching post. Once they will start using the post, they will start playing and sleeping on it. You can place a cat scratcher ramp beside your bed. This will help them climb the bed whenever they feel like sitting beside their owner or will relax on the cat scratching ramp

cat scratching post

Consider buying a cheap cat scratching post is beginning to find out whether your cat is comfortable with it or using it frequently. This will help you save your money in case they don’t feel like using it. Moreover, it would be best if you place the cat scratching ramp or scratching post beside your most valued possessions. Although these cat scratching post or cat scratcher ramps are made with soft materials to attract furry bodies, still you need to do certain training to make your cat use them. 

There are various types of scratching posts available. Best and cheap cat scratching posts come in various shapes and sizes, from simple cardboard pads and ramps to posts and lounges. These cat scratchers also come along with catnip that offers smoother surface. If your cats like to stretch and claw the door sides or door frames, then wall-mounted cat scratchers are one of the best choices. You can also go for a multifunctional cat scratcher ramp or cat scratching post with additional cubbies or teasers that will encourage them to play. 

Purple Pet Iprimio offers cheap cat scratching posts that are designed to suit every cat's requirements. From basic to designer posts, these scratching posts will inspire your cat to get her claws out. Now it’s up to you to make sure that you are choosing the right type of cat scratching post. 

  • Jan 16, 2020
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