How Can I help my Insomniac Cat

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to your cats’ yowling and scratching? Well, you’re not new to this as this has happened to many cat parents. Cats are nocturnal creatures and they tend to stay awake at night. Cats are also highly intelligent animals and capable of making behavioral changes. The best way to help cats get on your own sleeping schedule is to tire them out and probably get them their own cat wool beds that will help them. 

Here is a list of things that you can try at home to help your pet cat sleep soundly at night.

  1. Mental Stimulation: If you stay indoors all day long, you will tend to get bored very easily if you don’t have anything challenging to do during the day. This same situation might be with your cat too. If cats aren’t challenged enough, they might adopt negative behavior by misbehaving and yowling. You can try to mentally challenge and engage them through various games, scratching posts, and activities like evening walk and introducing new people and environment to them.

  1. Positive Attention: At times, we forget to give proper attention to our pets given the busy lifestyle we need. They can’t say or fight but end up seeking different ways to call our attention. One of them is yowling at night. This can be tended to by giving cats their daily dose of attention and love. This might also result in positive behavior instead of negative Behavior.

  1. Scheduled playtime: Having an engaging and tiring session just before sleep results in a very deep sleep. You may play with toys or take them for walks to engage cats before their bedtime. This is an amazing bonding experience for you too. Cats may end up feeling tired during such sessions only and your job becomes much easier.

  1. Create safe spaces: Cats love to hide and spend their personal time in their core territories. They prefer places that are enclosed and warm. Having such cozy places all around the house will only help them feel more secure at home. These act as quick getaways when they suffer stress. Having a cat cave wool bed comes in very handy. Also, the easy accessibility of such places is of utmost importance. Try placing a ramp or keeping these corners at ground level.

  1. Use calming tricks: Cats get easily distracted by the outside world, so try covering your windows with curtains at night. This helps avoids the situation in which your cat may see other animals and feel threatened by other animals invading his/ her personal territory. You can even get toys to distract them and keep them engaged until they tire Themselves.

  1. Easy accessibility to cat litter boxes: There can be incidences at night when your cat feels the urge to relieve themselves. Having easy access to litter boxes is very important. Try shifting back in the litter boxes at night if you keep them outside and on the ground level as few older cats may find it difficult to reach during night.

If nothing amongst the above list works then it might be crucial for you to see a vet at the latest. Your pet cat might have an undiagnosed condition that is keeping him/ her awake at night. Our pets can’t speak and form a very special bond with their owners, so it is our responsibility to look into their troubles and sort them out. Even if your cat is behaving negatively, there might be something that needs a deeper analysis than you just ignoring it. Visit us at Purple Pet Iprimio.

  • Oct 28, 2020
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