Cats are the cutest little creatures that any animal lover would love to have as their pets. They are harmless and absolutely lovable. After all, is there a joy greater than having your cat curled up in your lap while you are busy making the most of life?

Like any other pet animal, cats too, require a lot of love and care so that they can live healthily, happily and not be too much of a burden for their owners. A good selection of cat accessories and cat products such as cat scratching posts and cat scratcher ramps can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your cat’s life and your happiness.

When it comes to purchasing cat products, every cat lover needs to understand that this decision encompasses a lot of factors that need to be considered before zeroing in on a product that you wish to buy.

There are a lot of cat products that enhance the living experience of a cat along with adding to the owner’s convenience. These products include cat litter scoopers, cat slings, litter boxes and most importantly, a cat scratching post or a cat scratcher ramp that can help the cat in discharging their feline instincts properly without any damage.

Choose a Scratching Post

If you have had a cat at your home before, we are sure that you might be familiar with the usual scratching habit that every cat has. From couches to bed linen, from furniture to your clothes, when cats are not provided with the proper means to let go of their instincts, they can end up becoming impulsive.

A cat scratching post or a cat scratching ramp, as it is called is the perfect cat accessory that lets every cat scratch and release their anxiety in proper ways. More so, a cat scratching ramp can also be considered as a toy that helps every cat in passing time and getting active in a fun and playful way. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a scratching post for your cat, these are the only three tips that you need to keep in mind:

A. Consider the age and overall activity level of your cat.

If you are thinking of purchasing a scratching ramp for a kitten, you might want to invest in a soft and smaller sized ramp. On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a scratching post for a cat, it is better to opt for a slightly tough and bigger sized ramp.

B. Is the ramp easy to clean?

Most cat scratching ramps are composed of jute and wool. Make sure to purchase one that is easy to be cleaned.

C. Budget

If you don’t want to purchase a cat scratching ramp that burns a hole in your pocket, it is better to select one that is reasonably priced. Wool ramps are comparatively lesser in price as compared to jute cat scratching posts.

  • Dec 22, 2019
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