A cat scratching post is an essential cat product that allows your cat to relieve themselves and release their built-up energy in the form of scratching. There are a variety of reasons why your cat likes to scratch.

Cats belong to the feline family of animals and that is why they indulge in the constant habit of scratching. There are a variety of different reasons behind why your cats are found scratching multiple times in a day. Some of the reasons why a cat scratches are as below:

- To shed off Dead Skin

Cats scratch their paws and claws to shed off the outer layer of dead skin that accumulates on the surface of their paws and around their claws. A best cat scratching post is a must-have product if you want to maintain hygiene within the spaces of your home and not let traces of dead skin ruin it.

 - To mark their territory

Cats can be extremely fierce sometimes. They surely are competitive animals who are really possessive about themselves. Cats often scratch in places where they would like to mark their territory and claim it to be theirs.  If you have ever found your cat scratching the couch that you sit on, now you know why they do it!

- To let out stress

Just like humans, cats too often get stressed and anxious when they are not given the love and care that they need. To pass time and to let out their stress, cats often switch to scratching. A cat scratching post or cat scratching ramp can be really helpful in such a case.

cat scratching ramp

So, how do I get my cat to use a scratching post?

If you are facing trouble in getting your cat used to the presence of a scratching post, here are some of the tips to follow that might help you:

- Place the cat scratching post in the right location

Most cat owners make the mistake of placing their cat scratching post in an off-way or secluded corner inside the home. This is the biggest mistake when it comes to a cat scratching post because cats are sociable animals who love to be the center of attention and they surely do not like to play around in secluded corners of the home. It will be a really good idea to place the scratching post in an area that is central and where you happen to be a lot.

- Use Catnip!

Catnip is a herb that cats love to smell and be around. If you notice that your cat is not interested in being around the scratching post, sprinkling some catnip on it will be useful.

-       Switch places

One more good solution is to find a place where your cat is usually found to be scratching. This place can be your coach,  the bottom of your bed or any other such place. Place the scratching post in this particular corner. This will make your cat recognize the scratching post as one of the places where they can scratch.

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