Read on to find out how you can keep your cat’s litter box squeaky clean!

Cats are the cutest and cuddliest of creatures that any individual can choose to have as pets.

Just like any other pet animal, cats too need proper love and care so that they can live a happy, healthy and long life, just the way their owners want them to.

If you really care about the health and wellness of your little cat, it is important to keep your home stacked with all the much-needed cat products and cat accessories that will help to make your cat’s life easy and your life convenient. 

A cat litter box tops the list of most needed cat accessories that should be owned by all cat owners regardless of the habits, size, gender or behavioral characteristics of their cat.

While dogs have a habit of defecating outside their homes, cats possess a completely opposite trait. They do not enjoy defecating outside their home and they have a habit of doing the same inside their home. A cat litter box is a defecating unit for a cat. A litter box is an enclosed rectangular or square structure that is composed of plastic or aluminum.

cat litter box

Cat litter is poured inside this box and then this box is placed at one or two corners inside the home where the cat can go and relieve herself as needed.

While owning a cat litter box is highly important and necessary if you are a cat parent, but more important is to keep this box completely clean and tidy so that your cat does not encounter any diseases or urinary tract infections that can impact their health.

If you are looking for the right way to clean a cat litter box, below mentioned are some of the tips that you can choose to follow:

- For a daily basis, make sure to scoop out waste clumps from the litter box thrice a day so that your cat’s litter box is free of any unwanted odor and it is clean. Doing this is important to maintain the cleanliness of your home as well since a dirty cat litter box can give rise to unwanted smell and affect the cleanliness of the home.

- For a weekly basis, Scoop out the litter from the box and store it in an enclosed plastic bag. Once you have done this, simply wash your cat’s litter box under flowing water with a mild and pH balanced soap or liquid. Make sure to not use any harsh chemicals that contain toxic ingredients as cats are highly sensitive to smell.

- It is generally advised to clean your cat’s litter box every week and change the litter twice every month.

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