Importance of Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes

If you have ever visited a pet shop and then it is quite possible that you could find a plethora of options when it comes to buying a kitty litter enclosure. Basically, there are two types of litter boxes, including open and closed, and under this guide, we shall talk about enclosed cat litter boxes. The cat box enclosure might be a fantastic choice for you, but an uncovered litter box, ideally known as a litter tray, is the best bet for your cat.

Do reasons for cat owners to choose to go for cat litter box enclosures?

The cat owners of this globe are the ones who pull out our hard-earned cash and buy a litter box or two for their cat. As the cats can't talk and they don't have to part with any money, so the cat owners have to make the best decision for their pets. But if you don't want a guest to walk into your house and see your cat poop planted right on litter, then you must invest in a kitty litter enclosure. Additionally, you also need to have a kitty litter enclosure because it is not pleasant to watch a cat peeing or pooping when you are grabbing a cup of coffee or eating a meal. The kitty litter enclosure is ideal for you if you have children in your home, as you need to be careful that the kids don't view the cat litter and take it as a play sand area. 

Some of the advantages of using kitty litter enclosure:

  • Smell control- The cat box enclosure will smell a great deal less as compared to an open litter pan around the home. The cat box enclosure tends to restrict and contain the odors very well.
  • It doesn't seem to be seen in sight- You don't need to show your family or visitors what your cat is doing when in action. Additionally, you also don't need to see them doing their business every now and then. Hence it would be great to use a cat box enclosure to keep their business out of sight.
  • Have some control over the dogs- The cat box enclosure will not ideally stop small dogs from getting into the litter box, but they will work pretty well for medium to large-sized dogs. In simple terms, your dogs won't have any easy snacks now. 
  • Stop children- The cat litter box enclosure will surely stop the prying fingers of curious children and kids if you secure it properly. Even though these kids can still stick their hand in through the entrance but that is way better as compared to sticking it into an open pan or tray. You must invest in a cat litter box enclosure if you have some kids in your house.

Well, a cat litter box enclosure can also help you in containing the odor. Also, you need to know that the urine and poop of the cat create gas, and it is really that gas that smells a lot. Hence with a cat litter box enclosure, the odor is much better contained.

  • Apr 12, 2021
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