Keeping a pet as a companion provides immense pleasure, but also involves some work too. Cats are considered a low-maintenance pet as compared to dogs. You can leave them at home for the whole day long and use litter box indoors for them. Although you have trained your cat to make use of the litter box, still it involves some cleanup. You must clean the cat litter box once or twice a day. If they found it dirty they are sure to make the house dirty. For this, you need to get a cat litter scooper that will help you keep the litter box clean and fresh. A cat litter scoop is a tool that helps you lift and throw away the litter of the litter box. It is a handy tool used to clean the box efficiently and with ease. 

Iprimio cat litter scoop is available in two varieties i.e short handle and long handle. Now it's up to you which one do you prefer. The short handle cat litter scoop can be kept out of sight in any storage box when not in use. It comes with a sturdy handle that does not get bend or flick material around unnecessarily. The long or extra-long handle cat litter scoop is a great option that will save you from wear and tear on your back while cleaning because it can be used from a standing position. Another benefit of extra-long handle cat litter scoop is that it exposes you to less litter dust and keeps the waste at arm’s length. 

cat litter scoop

Apart from this you further need to take into consideration some variables while buying iprimio cat litter scooper

  1.   Shape and Size

The shape and size here refer to the overall dimensions of the cat litter scooper that is the shape of the handle and the scoop and the shape and size of the ports. You also need to consider other features like the grips on the handles, the inclusion of a caddy, and more.

  1.   Toughness

The toughness here refers to how flexible it is to bending, cracking, and breaking. In some iprimio cat litter scooper, you need to push down to drag caked waste from the litter box. This can cause issues after a certain period if the scooper shaft gets bent. 

  1.   Price 

You first need to know the price of the different varieties of cat litter scoop before you buy them. Although it’s not that expensive still you need to compare the prices of different varieties and buy it as per your requirements and how much your pocket allows you to spend.

  1.   Appearance

You also need to look at the aesthetic feel of the cat litter scooper. Appearance here means the design, patterns, and color of the handle or shaft. It also includes how well the ports and handle come together. 

Now, you have a good knowledge of all the variables that need to be taken consideration to make sure you buy the best and cheap iprimio cat litter scoop from Purple Pet Iprimio. This will make your cleaning job an easy one without affecting your pocket.  

  • Jan 13, 2020
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