It’s very easy for your space to get cluttered especially when you have pets in your house. One of the biggest reasons behind it is the litter box. There is a proper and correct way to set-up your cat's litter box. The relationship of cats with the box is quite complex than the owner realizes. For them, the relationship is more complicated than just elimination. So, we mustn’t only look after our convenience and adjust it from their perspective. The requirements of the litter box differ from cat to cat. Make sure your set-up works perfectly according to the requirements of your cat and they stay happy. You can buy an iprimio cat litter box available at Purple Pet Iprimio

Here are some of the biggest mistakes you as an owner can make while setting up the iprimio litter box:

  1.   Litter box too small

The biggest mistake seen while buying a litter box is that the pet owner generally buys a small box so that it remains out of sight of other members. It is always recommended to determine the size according to the size of the cat. You can also buy a stainless steel cat litter box of appropriate size so that it can be used for longer periods. 

 Cat Litter Stainless Steel Box

  1.   The location of the litter box is wrong

You all are aware of the fact that no one likes to eat while sitting next to the toilet. So, always keep in mind not to place your iprimio litter box near the feeding station. Cats love to eliminate in the stainless cat litter box that is kept away from the places they live to avoid predators attack. Make sure you do not place them in a darker area like garage, basement or hidden. 

  1.   One litter box for more than one cat

The number of iprimio cat litter box should be more as compared to the number of cats you have. Your cat must have more than one box to eliminate and that also at different places. But stainless steel cat litter box so that it becomes easy for you to clean them at regular intervals. 

  1.   The litter box is too dirty

A dirty cat litter box is just like an unflushed toilet where it seems quite unappealing for the cats like a dirty toilet seems for us. Iprimio cat litter box should be cleaned at least twice or thrice a day. Empty, wash and refill the box with fresh litter at least once a month if you are using scoopable litter otherwise scrub and refill the box at least once a week if using the non-clumping litter. 

  1.   Litter box with too little litter

Make sure you dump about 3” layer of litter in the litter box. You can add even more than that if you wish to depend on how things are going perfectly with your cat. A good amount of litter in the box will determine that the urine and the odor get absorbed completely and don’t leave a stinky box. 

These were some of the common mistakes that are generally made by the cat owners while placing the litter box which they aren’t aware of.

  • Jan 11, 2020
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