Cats are cuddly, fluffy creatures with the behavior of their own. Understand as a cat’s innate behavioral characteristics and determining their overall needs and wishes can be a tricky thing to take care of. This is where a cat expert comes into the picture and helps cat owners in understanding what they need to do to keep their cats healthy, happy and absolutely comfortable. After all, it’s true what they say, a  happy cat paves the way for a happy human.

Just like humans have a variety of behavioral characteristics such as excitement, happiness, anger, laziness and so on, Cats too come with their own set of behavioral features such as stress, anxiety, crankiness, excitement, solace and so on.

Often cat owners try to find a set of solutions that can help their cats in remaining calm, happy and at ease even when their owners are not around them. There are a lot of things that any cat owner can do to help their cats in remaining calm and satisfied. The one and only solution that can end all your cat’s problems is a Scratching Post.

scratching post

If you are a cat owner for quite some time, we are sure that you might have already heard about a scratching post. If this is your first time with a cat, let us tell you what a scratching post is and what is the purpose that it fulfills!

So, what is a Cat Scratching Post?

A cat scratching post is a physical play tool or accessory that cats love to play with. This little toy can be placed at any stipulated corner of the home. Cats love to play and scratch at a cat scratching post to pass time and to let go of their hidden stress and anxiety.

What does a Cat Scratching post look like?

A cat scratching post is usually composed of a mildly sturdy material such as a cardboard or a cotton sheet and furnished with wool or jute covered on it. Sometimes it is also built in the form of a ramp where cats walk and often spend time on. With a woolen ball hanging on one side of the post, a cheap cat scratching post is the perfect play buddy for your cat.

Where can I buy a Cat Scratching post for my cat?

If you are looking for a cheap cat scratching post that does not burn a hole in your pocket, then simply log on to which is a one-stop solution for all premium cat accessories available at reasonable prices.

Purple Pet Iprimio is the world’s leading brand for cat accessories and it offers a vast collection of cheap cat scratching posts, cat cave beds, cat slings, cat litter boxes, cat litter pickers and so much more available at the most affordable prices.

Your search for a cheap and sturdy cat scratching ramp and post ends at Purple Pet Iprimio who understands your cat better than you do!

  • Jan 15, 2020
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