The Beginner's Guide to Cat Accessories

If you have just adopted a cat, you may have lots of questions and confusion in your mind. And one of the most important things to pay attention to is the list of accessories you should have now that you’re a pet parent. Fortunately, cats are quite low-maintenance creatures compared to dogs, but even then they require some specific cat accessories and products for daily use. Apart from learning about the right way to feed them you need to learn about the right kind of accessories that your pet might need. 

  1. Litter Box

Litter boxes are probably the most important product to have if you’ve brought the little one home. Right besides food and safety, hygiene and cleanliness should get the priority too. Litter box allows your pet to have their own private space to finish their daily work. 

Cat Litter Stainless Steel Box by Purple Pet iPrimio is a great option to consider as this one doesn’t only get the job done but also makes sure there is no spread of bacteria. Unlike the plastic litter boxes that leave an unpleasant smell in your house, the stainless steel ones come with a non-stick coating that never collects any residue and doesn’t spread odor either.

  1. Litter Scoops

After the importance of litter boxes, litter scoops come in the picture. Because once your cat is done with her important work, you need to clean the litter box otherwise the bad smell and wet surface can create a problem for the kitty. In order to clean the litter box properly, you should opt for litter scoops that are durable, provide proper grip, and come with a wide edge so that you can collect the litter from the corners as well. Make sure you give Scooper Monster Cat Litter Scoop a shot from Purple Pet iPrimio as it contains all the cool features you need. 

  1. Cat Cave Beds 

Your cat needs her own little space to stay cozy and warm while relaxing, and cat cave beds provide all these comforts. The warm woolen texture made by premium organic wool becomes their most favorite place to lounge apart from your lap of course! Cat cave beds by Purple Pet iPrimio are made of extra soft fabric that makes sure that your cat sleeps peacefully at night. 

  1. Cat Scratching Post

Scratching posts are very important as these are responsible to keep your cat healthy and active. While opting for the scratching post, make sure you check the material it’s been made of otherwise all your money will go in vain and you may find your furniture and valuables getting damaged by the cat claws. The scratching ramp by Purple Pet iPrimio has some specific features along with the cardboard material that attracts the cat automatically. 

No matter how much you love your cat, they still need some specific accessories, and apart from the above ones, cat toys, sling carriers, etc are there to keep them content and active at the same time. Although make sure you check the quality of those products so that they last long.

  • Jul 22, 2020
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