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You love your pet; we know this. But, we also know along with getting a pet, comes so many responsibilities that it can be overwhelming for new owners. There are many people who love the idea of getting pets but as soon as they realise the liability that comes along with this idea, they either drop it or look for ways out of this responsibility when it becomes a little too late. We’re pet lovers. We know how tedious a job it can become as getting a pet only adds to your list of daily chores. What you don’t know is that with the right pet supplies, this can actually become one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. Having a pet is comforting that it becomes a very different chapter in your life journey altogether. Purple Pet supplies help you with this adventure. We offer the best pet supplies online in a wide range of variety. We have pet supplies that help you take after the waste removal of your pets, help take care of their health as well as yours, help them become more comfortable to your house surroundings, and of course, help them have loads of fun. It’s understandable that you can always be there for your pet’s entertainment, that’s why we offer many interactive toys that help them get through their lonely hours of the day. 


  1. Material- The material we use is very long lasting. The pet supplies online have a very long lifeline. We invested a lot of our time in experimenting with the best material we can use in the varied pet products line we have to offer. Some of our pet supplies are even patented and patent pending. We believe in providing the ultimate experience to our customers.
  2. Design- The design of our pet supplies is very trendy and sleek. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we forgot the usability of it. Purple Pet supplies are very user-friendly and help you do your task very efficiently, given what they are designed for. The products are designed in such a way that they can go with any sort of interiors you have so you have one less thing to worry about.
  3. Quality- The quality of the Purple Pet supplies is top notch. We are ourselves pet lovers and know the pain when you invest in such products and they end up breaking mid task or while handling them, so we have done a thorough research as to how we can make available the best quality pet products to you in the most economical way possible. For example: Please compare the quality of the wool we use in our Cat wool beds and that of others you can find online. We’re confident we will not disappoint you.
  4. Handiness- All our pet supplies are extremely comfortable to use. Most of our pet supplies online come with some sort of equipment to easily fix a location of them in the house. They are very light in weight so taking care of them is not at all a big task. And all of our pet supplies are very easy to clean. Cleaning up after your pets only adds to the list of your daily chores so we have made this task certainly very easy for you.
  5. Environment friendly- Some of our products are made from recyclable products like the Cat Scratching Ramp.
  6. 100% Customer Satisfaction- We really do have made this our mission. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, please let us know a valid reason and we will either offer a full refund or a replacement for free.
  7. Risk free purchase from a registered brand on Amazon- Iprimio is a registered brand on Amazon. We are the hardworking Michigan based company that always considers customer satisfaction as its top priority.
  8. Uh, it’s fun- All our interactive pet supplies are tremendously fun for your pets. They come in very useful for those hours when you can’t be there to entertain them and help them maintain their stress levels. A happy pet means a happy life.
  • Sep 17, 2020
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