The Best Place to Keep your Cat's Litter Box in your House

Many pet owners think that having a pet at home is bound to make a home look messy. If you are getting a pet cat for yourself without investing in the necessary accessories that your cat needs, then, needless to say, you’re inviting a mess.

Like any other pet, cats, too, need to defecate multiple times in a day. Unlike dogs who can be taken out in the open every time they want to pee, cats do not require this level of movement and can be trained to excrete in their own time.

Cats are one of the most low-maintenance pet animals that prefer being homely and surrounded by calmness. When it comes to defecation, every cat needs a dedicated litter box that is placed at a suitable location inside the pet owner’s home.

The size of a litter box is dependent upon the size of the cat. A litter box is available in a lot of sizes and can be kept at any corner of the home.

Unlike humans, cats do not prefer defecating in closed or covered spaces, so if you’re thinking of placing your cat’s litter box at an entirely separate corner of your home, it may not be a very good idea.

Cats love to have an element of human touch around them. Most often, you will find your cat lingering around in your bedroom, or just lazing around near your pile of clothes. To sum it up, cats love to hang around near their owners’ belongings and in places where their owners spend a lot of time.

Often Cat owners wonder whether placing a cat litter box in their bedroom is a good idea or not. No matter what you have heard, we can assure you that there are absolutely no qualms in placing your cat’s litter box in your bedroom as long as it is maintained hygienically.

 The most optimal spots for placing your cat’s litter box are:

  1. Your Veranda
  2. Passages between rooms
  3. Any Corner of your Living Room
  4. Any Corner of Your Bedroom
  5. Scenic Spots at Home
  6. Spots with Big Windows


Placing the litter box inside your home is not a big deal, but maintaining and managing it well is something that requires attention and effort. The following tips will guide you towards managing your cat’s litter box:

#1 Use a Cat Litter Trapper

Let’s face it, and no pet owner would enjoy it if they have to mop up their cat’s mess all day long. Cats often end up making a mess near their litter box when they are defecating. In such a case, using a cat litter trapper is the best solution to avoid mess around the litter box. A cat litter trapper is a little mat that catches all the little pieces of junk and litter that fall on the ground. It is ideal for placing your cat’s litter box on this mat to avoid spillage.  Purple Pet Iprimio is one online pet shop that offers the best and the most durable collection of cat litter trappers.

#2 Keep it fresh!

Invest in a cat litter deodorizing spray to keep your cat litter smell fresher for longer periods. Often cat owners are confronted with the problem of the foul smell of urine that arises from the best cat litter box. This smell is not only a bad experience for the pet owner, but it is also indicative of a problem in your cat’s urinary habits or the possibility of an infection. Keeping a deodorizing litter spray at home is wonderful to maintain hygiene. A lot of litter sprays are available online; you can opt for a scented or unscented one based on your preference. Just spritz it in your cat’s litter box twice a day, and you’ll be content!

#3 Place multiple litter boxes

It is better to place two different litter boxes at your home for a single cat instead of placing just one. Often cats find it to be a hurdle when they have to revisit the same spot again and again for peeing and pooping. Placing two different litter boxes will not only be convenient for you, but it will also help in familiarizing your cat with a routine.

#4 How often should you replace your cat’s litter?

It is optimal to replace cat litter once or twice a week, depending on your personal needs. It is also recommended to scoop out the cat litter as soon as your cat has finished her business.

For more information on cat maintenance and to purchase the perfect cat accessories and products for your cat, all you need to do is log on to Purple Pet Iprimio, the most trusted name for pet accessories and products. 

  • May 25, 2020
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