If you are familiar with the behavioral patterns of cats, you might also be familiar with their constant habit of scratching almost everything that they happen to come across. Cats belong to the feline family of animals and hence they are known to possess a natural instinct for scratching and polishing their paws as and when they get to. 

This habit is not an indication of any behavioral problem but it is simply a natural instinctive trait that every cat happens to possess regardless of their species. It is not uncommon to see any homeowner get frustrated with this habit of their cats. When cats run out of things to play or scratch, they generally start scratching the furniture, mattresses, bed linen or walls.

As cute as it sounds, it is disastrous. Often homeowners end up spending thousands of dollars every year as their cats damage the outer lining of their furniture, wall or more. If the cat is violent, they can also end up harming other pets or babies in the home. In such a case, it is but important to find the perfect solution so that you and your cat, both can live together happily, in harmony.

The most commonly used and tried and tested solution for this problem is to bring a cat scratching post or cat scratching ramp home for your cat. A scratching post is basically a small toy that your cats can spend an endless number of hours playing with.

cat scratcher ramp

A cat scratching ramp is basically a sturdy little structure that is composed of an outer layer of jute or wool which are the most loved materials that cats love to be around. Cat scratching ramps and cat scratching posts come with hanging toys like accessories such as a detachable curved outer layer or simply a sliding ramp that cats can walk on.

Thanks to the fuzzy outer surface of these ramps, cats absolutely love to spend time playing on the same and this is the perfect and the safest play toy for you as well as your cat. Any scratching post can serve the dual purpose of keeping your cats busy and allowing them to sleep peacefully, thanks to the tiredness after play.

There are numerous cat accessories and cat product labels that offer a vast variety of cat scratching posts, ramps and other accessories that can keep your cat happy in the longer run. One such label is Purple Pet Iprimio which offers a vast and well-curated variety of cat accessories including scratching posts and cheap cat scratching ramps.

Simply log on to www.purplepet.com and here you will find the best collection of cat toys and scratching posts for your little Kitty! Keep them busy, keep them happy with Purple Pet Iprimio, the best online brand for everything that your cats will ever need. 

  • Jan 04, 2020
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