The Only Way to Let your Cat Scratch

Every animal and living being on the planet has a separate set of instincts that they voluntarily engage in. While dogs have a normal instinct to dig the ground and hide their food in it, cats too have a natural instinct to scratch fuzzy surfaces. This is where a cat scratching post can be incredibly helpful.

If you have ever owned a cat, you might be familiar with your cat’s common habit to lick their paws and keep scratching them, sometimes on your couch, sometimes on your rug, some times on the door or sometimes even on the floor. This might seem like an odd habit which might make you wonder whether this behaviour is normal or not. Trust us guys, this behaviour displayed by your cat is not an act of aggression, it is completely normal and it is actually a matter of habit. Cats are creatures who love to maintain their personal hygiene as much as they can and there are two major reasons behind why cats resort to scratch. 

Why do cats scratch?

Reason 1

Cats scratch when they are stressed.

Now there can be many reasons behind why your cat is stressed. Sometimes, it might be out of boredom, other times it might be due to irritability. Cats also tend to get stressed in the absence of proper rest or proper playtime. Either way, the best solution is to get a cat scratching ramp for your cat.

Reason 2

Cats scratch to shed away dead skin

It is a known fact that cats often prefer to scratch their paws vigorously when they want to shed off any unwanted dead skin from their paws. Cats often resort to scratch their paws to remove any dirt or dust from their paws and keep them squeaky clean. This is why we recommend every cat owner to invest in a cheap cat scratching post

Having a cat scratching post is very important for every cat owner because no matter how much you hate it, your cat will always like to scratch. In the absence of any fuzzy objects. Cats end up scratching common places such as your bed, your upholstery, your furniture, and your expensive wallpaper. One little habit of your cat can literally ruin your entire furniture and upholstery. If you purchase a nice cat scratcher ramp for your cat, it can help your cat is staying occupied, engaged, and scratch whenever they want to without damaging any of your precious furniture.

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  • May 16, 2020
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