The Perfect Pair of Litter Box and Pan for Cats

Cat’s love doing things the easy way and when it comes to relieving themselves they would prefer to that in comfort. If our cats are not given an easy option they will be littering all over the place leaving you cleaning up and vacuuming throughout your free time. The best solution you say? What better than a comfortable open litter box

Our litter box provides absolute comfort to your cat along with super easy cleaning comfort to you. The litter box is designed in a way to not allow the cat to spill any urine or litter if it begins to dig within the litter box. The height of the litter box is sufficient to prevent the cat litter from spreading all over. Cat’s love their privacy and that is something we have kept as out of utmost importance. 

Our litter box with pan provides complete space and privacy to your cat to dig and mark its territory along with keeping complete privacy. With perfect height, depth and width our litter box and the pan are very easy and comfortable for your cat to enter into and exit as and when it wishes. The litter box and pan are made of stainless steel, allowing an easy cleaning process and odorless after. Our litter box and pan are also super convenient to carry for travel. Usually, a litter box made of plastic smells and can easily crack and leaks too. 

Our litter box and pan having been made of stainless steel are completely durable and have a longer life. Our cat litter box and pan do not have many ridges or crevices and divots, allowing no litter to be left in the litter box or pan. Litter can be easily scooped out from the litter box. There is ample space in our litter box and pan for the cat to rest too. 

The design of our litter box allows the surroundings of the cat to be bacteria and fungi-free. You’ve decided to give your house a modern touch but the litter box of your cat looks so out of place. Here are our cat litter box and pan to your rescue! With the modern colored finish, our litter box gives a soothing and fitting in touch to your house. 

Have more than one cat or kitten? This litter box and the pan are perfect as it provides ample space for the cats and kittens to fit in, bury their poop and mark their territory. The ergonomic design of the litter box and pan allow the best utilization. The litter box and pan being of stainless steel keep it rust-free and have a longer life. Each litter box has rubber feet below which don’t let any slippage happen. 

The litter box has been designed keeping in mind the best of your cat and are therefore made with no sharp edges and only has round edges. Choose the most ideal litter box for your cat and you from Purple Pet Iprimio!

  • Apr 07, 2020
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