The Place your Cat is Going to Fall in Love With

When you think about what cats usually love doing, there are a number of things that come across your mind. From scratching and clawing to aimlessly getting obsessed with wool, there

are so many many things that your pet cats absolutely adore. If you are new to this, then here are a few things that cats absolutely love doing all day long.

  1. Cats love taking naps- Have you ever wandered around to see your cat coiled up in corner sound asleep and lost in their dreamland? Well, that’s probably because cats love having their own corner and getting all comfy in it. Also because cats are nocturnal animals and most kittens and old cats spend almost half of more than half of the day sleeping. Adolescent cats are still a bit more energetic than them.
  1. Cats love grooming and getting groomed- You might have noticed till now that cats are usually clean and you can often catch them grooming themselves which is itself a private time for them. Cats, unlike other animals, have high standards for cleaning and are quite particular about their litter box or corners being odorless and clean.
  1. Cats love stretching- Cats love to stretch and jump whenever they are still and asleep for long periods. Their stress level and blood pressure drop a lot when they are relaxed and stretching helps reverse that effect.
  1. Cats love scratching- Scratching is the most basic instinct that comes very naturally to cats. They love grooming, so grooming their nails is just a part of this process. It even helps them mark their own territory. This is possible due to the scent secreted from their paws during this process.
  1. Cats love their playtime- Well, obviously your domestic cats don’t need to stalk and hunt but this activity provides an excellent form of exercise and engagement to them. It is very vital for you to assign time during the day for just playtime. Through this cats can get distracted very easily and helps them maintain their stress level.

Now that you know what your cat loves to do, you should know that Purple Pet provides you with the unique cat products that help you provide an environment for your kitty cat to love and cherish. You should browse through our shop and buy cat products you feel are absolute must-have cat products.

There are a number of must-have cat product that our website offers: Unique cat products for health:

  1. Cat Litter Trapper Mat - When you’re tired of cleaning your floor, we know.
  2. Cat Cave Bed - Why should there be just a bat cave?
  3. Cat Scratching Post - When you love your bed and cushions.
  4. Cat Scratching Ramp - When the scratching post is not enough.

Given that your cat needs a loved and clean environment, these products help you attain that

objective. You can’t always look after them all the time so the above-listed cat products help take care of cats for their own health. The trapper mat helps them clean their paws and the bed helps to get the pets their own space to lay around.

Waste removal must have cat products:

  1. Cat Litter Box - The right to provide a box for peace of mind for your pet.
  2. Cat Litter Scoop - Why get your hands dirty?
  3. Cat Litter - The right to provide yourself peace of mind.

Not only is it your job to keep them clean, but also to provide them a stress-free environment. These products help indoor cats do their business naturally as they like to dig in their feces in a quiet surrounding. It also helps with the odor control in your home and the risk of your pet ruining your home interiors.

Best cat products for fun:

  1. Cat Toys - Aren’t our pets just our other babies?
  2. And lastly, a Cat Sling - Pampering done right.

Well, all kids need their toys. You can’t always be around for their source of entertainment. We even have cat slings for you to take your cat out for an outing without the scare of them running off.

All the cat products listed are well descriptive on the website shop and will help you further decide the appropriate purchase. Happy browsing!

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