As someone who was always besotted with pets, it is difficult to imagine life without having my kittens near me. It is an enigma to how a person can resist from being receptive to kittens or dog as it strolls by with its owner. Research suggests that having a cat around will keep you chirpy and healthier.

In today’s tech-savvy world - there exists an app that will fulfil your every need, but no impressive technology can greet you in the morning by snuggling up to you, climbing on your chest, pawing at your shoulder and demanding attention like cute kittens do.

With their profound intelligence, resourcefulness and antic nature, a feline is the best choice for a companion that you can have in your vicinity. Firstly, Congratulations for having the courage to take full responsibility and bringing your neutered cat home along with you. As it is with any new pet, it is crucial for you to invest time, energy, attention, love and most importantly discipline in terms of kitten food in the early days to get your new feline partner accustomed to your lifestyle. All this may sound too ambitious at first, especially to first-time cat parents, but it need not be! Let’s have a glance at the basics of how you and your new baby kitten can learn to live with one another in peace.

Revise your expectation

If you want your cat to run to the door to welcome you home or to sit and snuggle with you, you’re in for a shock because though you have a domestic cat they are not as responsive as you will want them to be. It is not that all cats are detached, they are very independent and a hermit by nature. Their nature does not mean they are any less affectionate because they have a unique way of showing it. Be prepared to learn, understand and slightly alter your lifestyle to accommodate your cat and not the other way around it.

Introducing your cat to a new environment where there are other pets in the household is tricky. Just make sure it is a gradual process for all pets in the house. Just like us humans, they take some time, patience to become acquainted and comfortable around one another.

Attentive Behavior

Cats tend to behave with their cat parents in a way that they would toward their mother. Research suggests that - all the behaviour cats display is derived from the mother-kitten relationship. The kitten learns to raise its tail, rub on its mother, knead and purr. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be attentive to your cat from the beginning.

Against popular belief, cats can be trained and disciplined since early days itself! They can learn what they are not supposed to do. A common habit that they form and needs to be changed is jumping on the kitchen table. There are limited ways to prevent it by using a spring-loaded toy, so when a cat jumps on, the toy throws it up in the air - the cat dislikes it and does not climb on it again to get on the table. You can also use water pistols, but you must be extra careful because cats do not forgive and once they identify a person as someone who wants to hurt them or cause anxiety, they keep away!

Cleanliness freaks

Yes, felines are neat freaks and can spend hours cleaning themselves. Just as it is with any other pet, it is of vital importance that you groom your pet cat regularly. Remember that grooming a kitten is the mother’s job. Unlike dogs, cats are incredibly self-sufficient and tend to wander. They are brilliant and know their way back so no need to worry. Cats are obsessively clean creatures and prefer to relieve themselves in a clean space. Whether your cat likes to be indoors or outdoors, it is realistic to say you will need a litter pan. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the litter pan is a must. For your information, the smell of cat poop can successfully clear out of a room in seconds. Hence,  you can keep the litter pan in the corner of a room or outside edge as it will give them a sense of privacy.

Hope you enjoy this small addition to your family! Meanwhile, Happy Pet Parenting!

  • May 21, 2019
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