Generally, cats prefer to use a litter box rather than the corner of a room to do their business. But it is found that even the best-behaved cats track the granules of litter out of their box and deposit it wherever they roam whether it’s your bed, dining table, desk, shower, etc. To avoid this, try using a cat litter mat. Pretty straightforward, a cat litter mat is a piece of PVR, rubber or any other material mat that you place under the litter box that is designed to catch most of the litter which is tracked outside the box. Primarily there are two types of cat litter trapper mat: rubber and PVR. Before you buy a litter trapper mat, you need to keep few things in your mind.

cat litter trapper
Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind before buying a cat litter trapper:

1. Material

Material is the first thing that you should consider while buying the perfect cat litter trapper mat. While deciding the litter mat, take into consideration any allergies your cat may have. Check whether your cat is insensitive to certain smells or surfaces.

2. Cleanliness

There are some cat litter mat trappers available that are easier to clean than others. For example- a plastic deep mesh may require more work to get clean, whereas a nylon mat could benefit you from a quick wipe down. Some foam mats are even machine washable. A nylon multi-layer mat could potentially be your best bet if you have a cat that tends to make messes.

3. Cost

Some cat litter trapper mats might be more expensive than others depending on the benefits offered. Iprimio cat litter trapper mats are the most affordable one to buy. You may find yourself paying less to a simple rubber mat than that for a dual-layer litter trapping mat.

4. Size

If your cat’s litter box area is lacking space, then this will limit the size of the cat litter trapper mat you need. Mats made of recycled materials, linen and foam can be cut down to fit certain specifications. There are certain rubber and plastic mats that are available in standard sizes.

5. Durability

You will need a more durable material for the mat if your kitty likes to scratch after using their litter box. Iprimio cat litter trapper mats are the best in terms of durability. Cats that enjoy crawling or scratching tough plastic, silicone, and vinyl mats are a good choice.

Iprimio cat litter mats are the best cat litter mat trapper. The two-layer of this mat work together to clean the post-litter box experience of your cat and to create ultimate comfort. The top layer of this mat consists of a large honeycomb-shaped opening that helps in trapping any litter thrown out of the box or stuck to your cat paws. The bottom layer of these mats is made up of plastic which is super easy to clean and also deters urine odors if any. The entire mat is soft on fragile cat paws and is water-resistant. So whichever mat you decide on to purchase it from Purple Pet Iprimio just keep in mind to clean your cats' accessories and litter box in a well-ventilated location and don’t forget to wash your hands after doing so.

  • Jan 10, 2020
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