Having a cat at home is fun but it can also be equally taxing in the absence of right cat accessories and cat products. While the right cat products can help you in raising your cat conveniently, the wrong cat products or the absence of cat products can make it seem like a disaster that is hard to manage. 

The moment you bring a cat home, there are three products that you need to be ready with, no matter what the age, species and behavioral characteristics of your cat are.  These three most important cat accessories are as follows:

- Cat Litter Box

- Cat Litter Scoop

- Cat Litter Trapper Mat

While the purpose of a cat litter box is to provide a defecation ground for your cat, a cat litter scoop helps in removing and scooping out litter and waste from the box as and when needed. Since cats are primarily known to be homebound creatures, they do need a proper litter box that they can choose to defecate in.

litter box

While a cat litter box paves the way for easy defecation, a cat litter scoop allows the owner to scoop away the clumped up mess and waste from the box in an easy manner. No one likes to have a home that’s messy and clumpy, not you and not your cats. Hence, it is important to have these products in your cat’s supplies stack.

A cat litter trapper mat is an absolutely necessary cat product and accessory that helps to catch and clean up the mess that lies around the cat’s litter box. A cat litter trapper mat is placed below the litter box and it accumulates all the mess and clumps of litter that falls out of the box when your cat decides to defecate in the box.

The above three accessories are known to be the most needed cat litter products that every cat owner should necessarily choose to purchase for their cats. If you are looking for the right place where you can purchase these accessories, Purple Pet Iprimio is the one-stop-shop where you can find the perfect cat accessories and cat litter products at the right prices for your cat.

The Iprimio cat litter box offered by Purple Pet along with their vast collection of other products are perfect for every cat and cat owner. Simply log on to www.purplepet.com and all your pet woes will go right away!

  • Dec 30, 2019
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