A cat scratching post is undoubtedly the most underrated accessory and cat product that many people do not know much about. If you are a cat owner, we are sure that you might be aware of your cat’s constant habit to scratch on your furniture, your walls, your bed linen and sadly, you yourself too.  

You will be surprised to know that cats do not scratch out of anger or any other negative feelings but it is just a normal habit that they possess instinctively. There can be a variety of reasons why your cat scratches a lot. Since cats are homebound and introvert animals, they have a tendency to get anxious whenever they feel irritated or run out of things to do. 

A cat scratching ramp or toy is a little accessory or playpen that enables cats to vent out their accumulated feelings and built up stress. Just the way dogs play with other dogs and dig deeper into the sand whenever they feel like playing, cats love to scratch any fuzzy surface when they feel like doing so. 

What is the use of a Cat Scratching Post?

Just like dogs urinate in a certain area to mark their territory, often cats scratch in a particular area to mark their territory. Since cats prefer being more around their owners, it is not an unusual sight to see a cat scratch your bed linen, the foot of the bed, your usual sitting couch or even your carpets.

Cats scratch such areas to mark their ownership and show their possessiveness for their owner. A best cat scratching post is a play toy that will save your precious home decor from being scratched and damaged. When you purchase a cat scratching post or a cat scratching ramp for your cat, you can place it at any corner of the home and your cat will choose to play with it whenever she gets bored. 

A cat scratching ramp is usually made up of a fuzzy outside material like wool or jute and it is designed to keep a cat busy for hours. A cat scratching post is a wonderful tool to develop social skills in cats. They help the cats to get rid of their built-up anxiety along with letting them enjoy fun playtime without their owners. 

More so, if you really want to keep your home as well as furniture scratch-free, then a cat scratching ramp can end your woes all at once.

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  • Jan 24, 2020
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