Where can I Find Good Litter Box Covers for Cats

Cats like a litter box that is in a quiet space and gives them a little privacy. However, they don’t like to be boxed in completely. Having a cat litter box storage means a space where a cat can retreat to in peace but also be able to see out through the opening to be able to see and hear other people or animals and not feel trapped.

Cats, like the rest of us, need a good place to go when they have to go! You have to keep a litter box in your home somewhere so a cat litter box is a great way to make sure it is both attractive and hides the sight and smell of the litter. It also gives your cat a cozy and private place to go to the bathroom.

Although cats love seclusion and quiet during their busy time, they also like to be aware of their surroundings. Hence, keeping a covered litter box cover may not be such a good idea as it would not be able to provide them with a quick getaway plan in case of emergency.

Another benefit of a cat litter box enclosure is that it keeps the smell of the litter under wraps. If you scoop litter regularly, which we all should, litter boxes shouldn’t smell too bad, but its also never pleasant to have anyone’s toilet right out in the middle of a room! Investing in a cat litter box is a good way to prevent the smell of the box from permeating the whole room.

Keeping everything in mind, we have come up with the most ideal litter box covers for cats. After doing extensive research, we found that having a cat litter box cover that is not fully covered from the top but still provides a secure feeling of walls is the best way to go for the design.

  • We offer the litter box enclosure separately from the non-stick stainless steel litter box. The cover sits perfectly on our cat litter pans and there is absolutely no hassle of clamps and fasteners. It easily snaps on and off the iPrimo cat litter pan.
  • The litter box covers for cats are of perfect height and colour. The colour finish gives a modern basic touch to match all your home interiors.
  • What makes this litter box enclosure comfortable for entry and exit of cats and kittens is that it is totally open from one side and has unsharpened edges. This enclosure will make our open entry litter pan into a side entry litter box with an enclosure makes your cat comfortable to bury their poop in the litter sand and mark their territory.
  • It is 6 inches high, 23 inches long and 15 inches wide.
  • You can also clean our litter pan comfortably even without removing the enclosure.
  • This particular cat litter box storage ensemble helps keep the litter in the pan and stops urine from getting on the floor.
  • A small reminder again that the litter box covers for cats we supply is sold separately from the litter box pans.

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  • Sep 30, 2020
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