Why does your Cat Need a Scratching Post and where to Buy it?

Being a pet parent is never easy, you will have to pay attention to every action of those little ones because they can’t ask for their needs. Taking care of them is not only limited to feeding them on time or cleaning the mess they make. There are a lot of other things that you need to take care of once you bring them home. Usually, cats are quite low-maintenance compared to dogs, so if you’re a cat parent you probably need a few basic items to keep your cat happy and healthy, and scratching posts is one of them. A scratching post is necessary for any healthy cat as they have a natural tendency to scratch anything they can. Cats scratch with their front claws and drag them downward, and by doing so, the outer husk of the claw gets removed and they get a sharp new surface underneath, and all of these are required for a healthy lifestyle. And then comes the need for a scratching post. There is a wide variety of products available in the market and here we have mentioned the right king of scratching post that you need for your kitten. 

Why exactly do they need a scratching post?

As mentioned earlier, cats have a natural tendency to scratch everything they can and to save your valuable furniture, carpets, wall, and mainly the entire decor of your room, you definitely need to provide them something that is more fun for them to fulfil their scratching urge. So in order to prevent your furniture and other valuables of your home from damage, you should find the right kind of cat scratching post to keep them content. 

Suggestion: Cat Scratcher Ramp by Purple pet iPrimio


  • The best part about this scratching post includes the innovative catnip feature that attracts your cat to scratch it instead of your other furniture. The scratching post is made of recycled corrugated cardboard which is a cat’s favorite.
  • The ramp design is another reason to attract your kitten as they can climb and rub it conveniently, get all comfortable and use it for lounging, and even play hide and seek with it. 
  • The scratcher ramp is foldable that allows you to take this along with you while you’re traveling. You can keep it under the bed if your cat is not using it. So the convenience makes it easier to have a great trip with your cat. 
  • The scratching should be sturdy enough to help your cat climb on it and get the ultimate comfort. The design and features of this best scratching post ensure all of these and come at a reasonable price which is a bonus point. 

Where to find it: 

The product is available on the official website of Purple Pet iPrimio and also on Amazon. The availability and quality of these products satisfy the customer and give them a great user experience. 

  • Jul 07, 2020
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