Based out of Michigan, We at Purple Pet Store offer a wide range of selection in pet products of the finest quality. Your faith that we wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn't give to our own pets is essential to us. For cats, you can shop from a premium selection of essentials including patented cat litter scoopers and pans, mats, toys and more. For your dog, find everything from dog belts and leash to slings, feeding mats and all things in between. We work hard to ensure that your journey with our brand will be positive, productive and fun.

Our mission is very straightforward - It is to lend a hand to pet owners and their pets in leading a healthier and happier life through well-designed products.



As pet owners, we believe that an astutely designed product magnifies the prominent moments you share with your pets. Inspired by simplicity, our products are modern and convenient which will definitely make your life a little easier as our products are one-of-a-kind, customised, more secure, easier to use than conventional premium pet products.



We spend gruelling hours in first research to understand the needs of pet owners. We then conceptualize, ideate and design our products. Due to our pet expertise we always maintain balance between quality and craftsmanship. We also ensure our products are quality control tested and manufactured in fair working conditions.



We have built our reputation helping thousands of families adopt new pets into their homes comfortably. We are committed to making your relationship with your pet the best that it can be.

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