Scooper Monster Cat Litter Scoop, Sifter/Deep Shovel (Silver)

  • PATENTED - This Scoop Monster is Extra Soft Foam Handle is easy on your hands and wrist. Easy to grip and easy to clean.
  • Polished Aluminum Scoop with a solid core handle looks great in any house. This large cat litter scooper is one of our best.
  • Cat owners understand the importance of Fast Sifting and a Deep Shovel. Our Patented Design captures both of these attributes.
  • Includes a Hanger that can be fastened to a wall, or litter box. Keeps your house cleaner.
  • Over 13 inches long, almost 5 inches wide, and almost 2 inches deep, this litter scooper will make litter box cleaning almost fun to do!. Designed and sold by iPrimio - a hard working Michigan based company.