iPrimio Squirrel-Raccoon Stopper - No Tool Install with Newest Design

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  • PATENT PENDING - EASIEST SQUIRREL AND RACCOON Stopper we have EVER MADE. Newest torpedo shape prevents squirrels from getting to feeders.
  • GREAT DESIGN -- NO NEED TO TAKE DOWN POLE - Many Squirrel Stoppers require you to take down your bird feed pole AND that is HARD to DO!. Not with our design. Both halves wrap around pole and a wire ring holds the halves together.
  • NO TOOLS NECESSARY - RUBBER SUPPORT ON POLE that uses simple Hook and Loop (similar to Velcro TM). Tighten Support on pole with hook and loop. Won't slide down the pole. PLUS, you don't even have take down the pole, but you NEED NO TOOLS EITHER. We use a PATENT PENDING DESIGN that uses Rubber Clamp on the pole that USES stretch hook and loop wrap. Installs in minutes.
  • EFFECTIVE: Two Plastic Halves with Metal Chew Proof Ring at the Bottom is EFFECTIVE. The Torpedo Tilts and Rocks when a raccoon, squirrel, or rodent tries to climb. IT DOESN'T PREVENT CLIMBING SNAKES
  • DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED IN MICHIGAN - Patent Pending Torpedo Design and Patent Pending Clamp Design. Designed and Sold by Purple Pet. A Michigan Company.